The Beginning of a New Era

Hello followers,

This is the first post of many on the newly redesigned blog. I know, if many of you have seen the old one you’re probably saying it looks exactly the same, well it does. But I thought this design serves better as just a blog rather than also a portfolio site. I can just picture some corporate stiff in a business suit with their tie tied so tight around their neck their head is ready to pop, looking for some video, design, or photography freelancer for their company’s tradeshow promo last minute. My glaring face on screen staring back at them becomes the trigger to set them off and they just cut loose, ditching their suit and feeling the relief of being released from the world of corporate clones.

And I think to myself, “Well, there goes another client. Guess I’ll just hit the surf in my extra spare time.”

So, subscribe to this blog, leave a comment, or just visit. Hopefully this will be updated regularly with industry knowledgeable posts, surf happenings, journal entries, and maybe a few opinionated ramblings thrown in to mix things up.

Take care, and enjoy.

“Your day is never complete until there is beach sand upon your feet.”

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Saturday, April 14th, 2012
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