Say No To Presets!!

There seems to be a growing trend in the use of presets for grading a video image. Most editing applications now come with stylized presets that you simply apply to your footage to create a certain “look”, much like Instagram for photos. From the bottom of my heart, STOP USING THE PRESETS AS YOUR FINAL GRADE! They are great to get a feel for the look you want, but you are devaluing an artistic craft. True colorist don’t just create a look by applying a filter that represents the mood of the film. They evaluate the image, balance the contrast, balance the color. They use their scopes to give the true information of the image and make adjustments based on that information as well as what they see. Most of those presets were created by averaging out the corrections and adjustments made by seasoned colorists. They may look good at first, but spend some time and really evaluate the footage you have in from of you. Isolate the areas that need improvement. Use your own judgement to relight the shot and give it that emotion that comes from inside of you rather than what comes from a quick fix. [mic drop…exit stage left]

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Thursday, November 12th, 2015
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Color Grading.
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