Andy is a Surfer, Wakeboarder, Swimmer, Skateboarder. He is a Brand Ambassador for RAREFORM, Surfscreen, GoPro, & Spy Optics.

Leslie Swell New Smyrna Inlet

I did a sunrise session on Labor Day at New Smyrna Inlet. Knowing that the initial pulse from Hurricane Leslie was barely starting to hit the Florida coast, I wasn’t expecting much more than knee to waist high and clean. The bouys were reading 1.3 feet and 2.6 feet. I sure was surprised to walk […]

What if Kelly Slater Was Born a Goofy Footer?

On behalf of goofy-footers everywhere, thank you Quiksilver! I love this compilation! Being goofy definitely puts me in the minority of the surfing population, but that also means I have to compete with less surfers to snag all the good lefts. Kelly has been one of my favorite surfers to follow for a long time; […]

Hurricane Irene- One Year Ago Today

Well, we have our first major hurricane of the year, soon to be bearing down in the Gulf. Let’s hope Isaac doesn’t cause too much damage for the residents of the norther gulf states. I’ll be anticipating some epic photo threads from the swell that this storm will be producing over the next few days. […]

A Little Late July 4th Fireworks Photos

So I finally got around to going through some July 4th fireworks photos. Working with extremely low light is quite interesting and playing around with your camera settings can drastically vary your results. All photos were at f5.6 and ISO 800. The photo of the sailboats had a shutter speed of 1.5 seconds, and all […]

The Beginning of a New Era

Hello followers, This is the first post of many on the newly redesigned blog. I know, if many of you have seen the old one you’re probably saying it looks exactly the same, well it does. But I thought this design serves better as just a blog rather than also a portfolio site. I can […]