Hurricane Edouard Swell

Hurricane Edouard came up the East Coast far enough away from land that it sent a solid 3-4 foot swell with a 13-14 second period. Usually when a long period swell hits the coast of Florida it results in nothing but close-outs at most beaches. For two days I decided to venture over to the most consistent spot on the East Coast, New Smyrna Inlet. When most other breaks are closing out I can always count on the Inlet’s ability to produce some nice A-frame wedges. And this time, the Inlet exceeded any expectations. I saw more surfers getting covered up on this swell than I would normally see all year.

Wednesday was the best day of the swell. I went out around 10:30, increasing swell and increasing tide made for some epic conditions. After spending a few hours enjoying nature’s gift, I grabbed my camera and shot a few photos…

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Friday, September 26th, 2014
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