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I got out in the water again today with the FoxEye Action Cam. This camera so far is pretty neat. Here are a few POV clips I threw together.

Beautiful Lies Trailer

New documentary that I am editing. Looking to release November/December of this year. “Beautiful Lies is a Film/Documentary about the cosmetic/beauty industry featuring the upside and downsides of entrepreneurs in a industry dominate by major manufacturers. This film also covers labeling, marketing, branding of universal hair care, hair color and treatments that are sold to […]

Sometimes You Just Have to do a Good Deed

Earlier this year I had a college student contact me and asked for help editing a video for her to be able to enter in the Jeremy McGrath Scholarship to MMI. I gave her an initial quote, but being a college student she really had no funds for any services. So, being the nice guy […]

Do You Believe in Life After Death?

“Quarter to 12” A Near Death Experience by Joseph Kellner “Quarter to 12” is a short film about a near death experience that happened to Joseph Kellner. The experience changed his life. So much so, that he needed to tell his story. Wether you believe it or not, the story is amazing. And it makes […]

Typhoon Lagoon Shoot

Well, it’s been a while. Here are some stills from the shoot I did at Typhoon Lagoon earlier this month. I would have had them up sooner but ran into some computer issues. I should hopefully have a short video up soon. If you need any shooting or editing done, don’t hesitate to contact me. […]

Leslie Swell New Smyrna Inlet

I did a sunrise session on Labor Day at New Smyrna Inlet. Knowing that the initial pulse from Hurricane Leslie was barely starting to hit the Florida coast, I wasn’t expecting much more than knee to waist high and clean. The bouys were reading 1.3 feet and 2.6 feet. I sure was surprised to walk […]