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MTV’s Cribs: Toddler Pads

So Addy received a Christmas/Birthday gift from Nana & Papa this week, a new playground set. So I thought it very fitting to introduce the new structure in an MTV Cribs style video. Enjoy! Addy's Crib from Andy Matthias on Vimeo.

Sometimes You Just Have to do a Good Deed

Earlier this year I had a college student contact me and asked for help editing a video for her to be able to enter in the Jeremy McGrath Scholarship to MMI. I gave her an initial quote, but being a college student she really had no funds for any services. So, being the nice guy […]

Addy’s Morning at Ormond Beach

Took a trip to Ormond Beach on a beautiful Sunday morning and filmed my daughter playing. We then met up with my aunt for lunch and made our way home for the afternoon. I shot this using a Canon T2i loaded with Magic Lantern and the Cinestyle look. My lens was just the 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 […]

The Beginning of a New Era

Hello followers, This is the first post of many on the newly redesigned blog. I know, if many of you have seen the old one you’re probably saying it looks exactly the same, well it does. But I thought this design serves better as just a blog rather than also a portfolio site. I can […]