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Say No To Presets!!

There seems to be a growing trend in the use of presets for grading a video image. Most editing applications now come with stylized presets that you simply apply to your footage to create a certain “look”, much like Instagram for photos. From the bottom of my heart, STOP USING THE PRESETS AS YOUR FINAL […]

“Susannah” Short film

Cleaning out the hard drives I came this set of footage from a few years back of a short titled “Susannah”. It was shot on the original RED camera system and was offered to editors through Since I had all the original footage I thought I might as well edit the story. I also […]

Anatomy of an Edit

Here a little humorous edit my friend Steve Ziegler and I put together a few years back┬áto teach our students a little about different shot framing, camera techniques, and editing. This was used to show what can be accomplished with just a little planning and a simple idea, rather than just randomly shooting and trying […]

Real Estate Color Grade

Did a grading project awhile back for a real estate client. The footage was shot as RAW DNG image sequences on a Canon 5D. My initial thought was, “Great! just import the sequences natively into DaVinci Resolve and do everything right there!” No matter what I tried, I still felt like something was off, I […]

What Can Color Grading Do for You?

When you here the term “color correction” or “color grading”, what do you think of? Most people think of it as correcting a poorly colored shot from improper white balance (outside footage looking blue or inside footage looking yellow). But it’s much more than that. Color grading starts with correcting some of the imperfections of […]

Do You Believe in Life After Death?

“Quarter to 12” A Near Death Experience by Joseph Kellner “Quarter to 12” is a short film about a near death experience that happened to Joseph Kellner. The experience changed his life. So much so, that he needed to tell his story. Wether you believe it or not, the story is amazing. And it makes […]