Andy is a post production guru, specializing in editing and color grading. He has always been kind of an outsider, a free thinker.
He is a Film Editor, Colorist, Photographer, Surfer, and RAREFORM Brand Ambassador.

PSA: Say No To Rap In Surf Vids

Seriously, I don’t care how much of a fan you are, it just doesn’t fit. I can’t describe how disheartening it is to see a new post for a new video from such and such A+ rider, only to be disappointed by a rap or hip-hop soundtrack. There is definitely a time and a place […]

Say No To Presets!!

There seems to be a growing trend in the use of presets for grading a video image. Most editing applications now come with stylized presets that you simply apply to your footage to create a certain “look”, much like Instagram for photos. From the bottom of my heart, STOP USING THE PRESETS AS YOUR FINAL […]

Lab Coat Patch Composite

I was recently hired this week to track and composite a logo patch onto the lab coats of doctors in various shots of a promo video. I initially tried variations of the built-in tracker in After Effects but I wasn’t getting the quality that I wanted. So I upped my tracking game to Mocha. That […]

“Susannah” Short film

Cleaning out the hard drives I came this set of footage from a few years back of a short titled “Susannah”. It was shot on the original RED camera system and was offered to editors through Since I had all the original footage I thought I might as well edit the story. I also […]

Anatomy of an Edit

Here a little humorous edit my friend Steve Ziegler and I put together a few years back┬áto teach our students a little about different shot framing, camera techniques, and editing. This was used to show what can be accomplished with just a little planning and a simple idea, rather than just randomly shooting and trying […]

Real Estate Color Grade

Did a grading project awhile back for a real estate client. The footage was shot as RAW DNG image sequences on a Canon 5D. My initial thought was, “Great! just import the sequences natively into DaVinci Resolve and do everything right there!” No matter what I tried, I still felt like something was off, I […]